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Digital Talent Management Platform

Review thousands of profiles from your talent pool in seconds with ML

Morbax HR

New era of AI Talent Management Platform is right here

Morbax HR automatically sources, pre-selects, and evaluates candidates before an interview and shortlists the best-matched candidates to the company’s HR representatives.


Services We Provide


Talent Sourcing

Source candidates in real-time from different job-boards and career pages


Ai Talent Assessment

Review candidate with Morbax assessment algorithm instantly


Ai Talent Development

Discover skills of your workforce you didn't get before


Career Development

Develop your employees in the right way to boost your business

AI Talent Assessment

Intelligent Candidate Evaluation

Morbax pre-screens candidates before they interview with recruiters selecting only the best matches to your vacancy, team, vision, corporate culture, and mission of the company.

Candidates Sourcing
Automated Talent Scoring
Digital Interview Process
Talent Testing & Review

AI Talent Management Platform

Ai Recruiting & Talent Assessment.Candidates Onboarding. Digital Career Development.Company & Employees Assessment.

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Interview process

Digital Interview Process

Make you interview process smooth and easy: manage, track and sort applicants, create interview templates, apply and reject talents, make notes and finally send offer to candidate - and all this features in one platform.

The Morbax comprehensive algorithm analyzes each aspect of a candidate’s work history, education experience, and hard & soft skills, and compares them to the requirements of a company’s open position


 Candidates comparison in real time
Select two best-liked candidates and compare them with help of skills diagram, make your final decision regards your next employee and sent him invite to be interviewed.

We automate the candidate search, pre-screening, and outreach processes and evaluate candidates before an interview to ensure that prospective employees match the company’s culture and fit well with its existing staff.

AI Company Assessment

Automated company assessment

Morbax provides companies with a real-time outlook on the current market buzz around them and provides feedback about their corporate culture, strategy, vision, goals, employee satisfaction, salaries, and selling points.


Candidates on platform


New candidates/week




Satisfaction of users


Digital Candidate Profile

Morbax HR is powered by the technology of machine learning and applies candidate data from various sources and put it together updating data 24/7 & helping HR-people to review future talents better.

  • 100x

    Faster Talent Search

    We are committed to client satisfaction and strive to help them resolve the most crucial and complex business issues they may come across.

  • 50x

    Faster Talent Assessment

    Our team of highly trained professionals understands the industry evolution and makes all possible to deliver innovative solutions that meet each client's needs.

  • 7x

    Faster Employment 

    We empower businesses around the world to realize their business potential and gain success through a wide range of services from strategy to operations.


Workforce Performance Management

Morbax manages workforce performance providing holistic overview of professionals’ skills, knowledge, and development to help companies retain best talent.

Try a free Morbax demo!

View a demo version and see with your own eyes what to expect from our product.


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